Obama Administration To Make Ingredients In Ammo Illegal?

After the Obama administration attempted to implement a new regulatory change that would likely make all bullets and gun ammunition disappear, basically overnight, the NRA became very riled and has now successfully stalled this attempt at “backdoor gun-grabbing”.

A key ingredient necessary for making gunpowder- nitrocellulose,  was in danger of being re-classified as a high explosive, making it illegal for any company within the industry to transport or store it as they have for decades.

For years, the firearm industry has been allowed to store and transport “wetted” nitrocellulose without having to treat it as a high explosive. Manufacturers deliberately mix the chemical compound with water to make it less volatile.

Overnight, the ATF just completely attempted to change its regulations, turning everyone in the ammunition industry into felons if they continued to do business the way they had for decades.

The entire industry would be at a standstill. Without nitrocellulose, there is no way to make smokeless gunpowder. Without smokeless powder, there’s no ammunition.

This isn’t the first time that Obama has gone after ammunition components. Two years ago, the administration shut down the last remaining lead smelter in the United States.

Just a few weeks ago, the administration redefined the term “firearm manufacturer” to include gunsmiths, forcing thousands of small businesses to pay thousands of dollars a year in new fees to the State Department just to be allowed to stay in business.

Thanks to the NRA, an addendum was subsequently sent out to manufacturers stating the ATF would “conduct further industry outreach concerning wetted Nitrocellulose,” and there is currently no changes in the handling of such products.

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