Is There Enough Evidence To Support Round Earth?

Is there enough evidence to support a flat earth theory? …  Or…  is there enough evidence to support a round earth theory?  The more research I do, it seems that there is more evidence to support the flat earth, and actually not very much real evidence at all to support the round theory.

I know this is going to sound like a huge conspiracy, but if you really use critical thinking and have an open mind to reject what you have been indoctrinated with your whole life, I think you will see why I say there is more evidence to support the flat earth.

Think back to when you first heard that 911 could have been a false flag.  I remember being called a conspiracy theorist with great force on that one… however, more than 75% believe it was a false flag now…  because of the EVIDENCE.

So, keep that scenario in your mind…  the government not only LIED to us, but are not here to PROTECT US and even have purposely HARMED US!  Oh, no!!!  But, that is the reality we now live in.  If you understand that our government may have started out with the right intentions, but has horribly gone awry, you will also remember that NASA is a government group.  Just let that sink in for a moment, because a lot of people do not think of it in those terms.

The IRS is a government group (ok, they are not really the US government, they are actually Mexican mafia, but they POSE as a US government group) –  are they here to help us?  The TSA is a government group-  have they actually caught any terrorists in the last 20 years?  Or have more of them been caught groping, stealing and terrorizing US?  The NSA, the FBI, the CIA…  how many of those government groups do you really trust?  You need to understand that NASA is no better.  They are an extension of the US government who have an agenda.  And that agenda is NOT to help us… or to tell us the truth… or to enlighten us in ANY way.

Also, keep in mind, that however old you are…  that is how long you have had to get used to this ridiculous idea that we are on a ball hurdling through the darkness of space at over 1,000 miles per hour, with water flowing in a circle and people in Africa basically standing upside down.  It will take you a while to re-train your brain to think logically and to accept that these facts in this article are real and logical-  just like in the case with 911.

So, here we go.  On to the evidence…

NASA- A Government Agency

You may be surprised that the Flat Earth movement is actually picking up pace and there are quite a lot of flat earthers out there, and they even have the backing of a former freelance contractor for NASA, as an operational graphics manager, named Matthew Boylan aka Math Powerland.  Boylan worked for years for NASA, creating the exact “photos” you see of the ball earth.  He claims that NASA’s only reason for existence is to propagandize the pubic and promote the “ball earth” heliocentric worldview.

He is a bit crude.  He may put some people off, but what he says definitely makes sense and IF you listen with an open mind, it will make you think.  Here is a video of Matthew Boylan (beware of language):

Matthew Boylan worked as a 1099 contractor to NASA and was “invited” into the Heliocentric Conspiracy to further his work with NASA creating “space realism” drawings so that NASA could perpetuate the ball earth theory to the world.  He says he decided not to descend into their world of deception and began speaking out when he was no longer hired by NASA and feared for his life.

I worked for NASA and here’s the truth, here’s my story and the greatest deception the world will ever face: the earth, it’s size, it’s shape, all images they show you are not the truth… get ready , it’s going to be hard to swallow. This is my story as an artist faking your universe.  -Matthew Boylan

Antarctica- The Ice Wall

Don’t worry-  you won’t fall off the flat earth.  The belief is that Antarctica, or the South Pole surrounds us 360 degrees and the North Pole is positioned in the center.  It would make sense to explore the two poles to get some answers, right?  Only, these two areas are heavily protected by the military and a treaty has been in place since 1961, which prevents people from going to either of these places, unless they are a part of an escorted “pre-approved scientific research tour”.  Make no mistake-  if you venture to Antarctica without permission, you my very likely be shot, very much like Area 51 (oh, and there is nothing to hide there, either, right?)…  why?

 Jarle Andhoy has attempted going to Antarctica several times.  Each time he was met with immediate discord by the authorities “protecting” the polar region.  Andhøy is best known for controversial voyages in polar regions- usually without permits or insurance, which have run afoul of the authorities in Norway, Finland, Russia and New Zealand.

Andhoy calls himself the “Wild Viking”, and was at it again in 2012, when his yacht was  reportedly spotted in international waters but would not responde to radio hails in repeated fly-bys.  Andhøy had no EPIRB on board and claimed he did want to be rescued if something went wrong.  Well, something did go wrong-  he was apprehended and paid 25,000 NOK according to OldSaltBlog.

It does make me wonder what they are hiding and why they don’t want anyone going there, doesn’t it make you a bit curious?

Antarctica is the only “continent” – which is actually a body of ice- that nobody has ever passed or flown over.

Below is a map of the flat earth.  Oh, looky what is right next to it that has a striking resemblance-  the symbol that is on the U.N. flag…  Hmmm…  And guess who imposes the heavily enforced flight restrictions around the South Pole?  None other than, the United Nations.  Oh, that’s right.  Did I mention no one is allowed to even fly over the top of the South Pole?  Air restrictions.  Why?  Because it’s too cold?  It doesn’t seem to be too cold to fly over the North Pole?  Do you ever feel like pieces of the puzzle are falling into the most unlikely places?

Image result for flat earth map

Does Water Curve?

There have been multiple water tests done over several miles of water and no curvature of the water has been found.  There has never been a water test done that actually proves water curves around.

Fisheye Lenses

You know, obviously, from Matthew Doylan and even from NASA’s own statements that photos can be altered and created to make people believe they are seeing something they are not.  Many will say, “I have flown in planes a lot and I see the curvature from the plane”.  Keep in mind, those windows are made from a special glass that is called “fisheye”.  It creates the illusion of curvature.  Many cameras also have fisheye lenses on them.  In looking back during the research, I realized that almost all of the videos and photos from cameras in the air are fisheye lenses.  It makes it very difficult to tell what you are actually seeing…

The Spinning

One of the things for me that seems painfully logical is airplanes.  If the earth is spinning at 1,000 miles an hour and you want to travel from point A to point B by plane and you are going WITH the spin of the earth, shouldn’t it take much longer to get there, than if you are going against the spin?  Couldn’t a plane simply rise, hover and wait for the earth to spin to the spot they want to go to and then land?  Shouldn’t it take more gas to go with the spin since you have to “outrun” the spin?  Does any of that make any sense to anyone else?

Do pilots constantly direct the plane DOWN to keep it in the earth’s atmosphere?  If they didn’t do that, wouldn’t the plane eventually float far enough away from the earth that it would go into outer space?  I’m no pilot, I’m just throwing out there some logical questions that come into my mind.

Does it feel like we are whirling through space at 1,000 miles an hour?  Shouldn’t there be more wind??  Shouldn’t the stars look like a blur in the sky?  Are the stars also flying through space at 1,000 miles an hour?  Again, just me, asking questions…

What is Gravity, Again?

And at what point does “gravity” kick in?  How many miles up does this unproven THEORY called “gravity” go?  Here’s an idea to think about…  How about…  what makes things fall is MASS and WEIGHT?  Why do we think “gravity” comes into play?  It’s an invisible force field?  Really?  Are we in a scifi movie right now?  What IS gravity?  Please know this theory has NEVER been proven.  EVER.  But, it HAS been shoved down our throats since before we could walk.  It HAS been part of our indoctrination process.

NASA Uses Fake CGI’s

Have you seen the latest statements from NASA saying Earth is actually “pear-shaped”, with bulges?  They say the spinning causes bulges, the ice causes bulges, etc…  So, the latest “idea” or “image” of the Earth would look something like this:

bulging earth

Soooo, if this is what Earth “really” looks like…  Where did all of THESE supposed pictures come from?  Since, this is what most people associate our planet as looking like:

Image result for NASA composite globe earth

This is the statement NASA uses verbatim regarding this globe earth image:

“This spectacular “blue marble” image is the most detailed true-color image of the entire Earth to date. Using a collection of satellite-based observations, scientists and visualizers stitched together months of observations of the land surface, oceans, sea ice, and clouds into a seamless, true-color mosaic of every square kilometer (.386 square mile) of our planet….”

Do you see what they are actually saying?  This picture is a composite (collection = composite, or many different pictures).  It is not a real photograph.  It is a computer generated image, or a CGI.  ALL images presented to us by NASA are CGI’s and NASA even says they are all CGI’s.  Isn’t it strange that they can send people out of the atmosphere, to the moon and to other planets, but they can’t just point a camera at the earth and take a picture?

Robert Simmon, is another artist who works for NASA.  He has created many of the “composite” images of the ball earth.  Here is a statement from Simmon:

“The atmosphere is Photoshop blur.  Some of the clouds are collaged together using Photoshop’s clone tool to cover gaps in the satellite’s coverage.  That data was stitched together and applied to the surface of a digital ball, then modified in Photoshop.  The black area around the earth is not the void of space, but a background of black color that I placed the earth on top of…”  He goes on to say, “Without these alterations, the image wouldn’t look very ‘earth-like’.”

Now, if we are going to speak frankly and honestly here, the fact that we do not have a single “actual” earth picture taken as a whole with a regular camera does give some credence to this flat earth thing…  I mean, at the very least, you have to admit it lends credibility because of the LACK of evidence to support what has been shoved down your throat all your life, right?

Put Your Tin Foil Hat On And Dig In!

I know this is a lot to take in.  I know we have had the idea of a globe earth all around us since the day we were born and never even had the chance to question it until now.  I still am not completely 100% sure, but these facts I just brought up certainly do make me want to do more research.  And here is the interesting thing-  the ones who are not capable of wrapping their heads around this and are not awake enough to even critically think about this option will immediately call names and ridicule…  WITHOUT HAVING DONE EVEN ONE MOMENT’S WORTH OF RESEARCH ON THEIR OWN.

Once you begin to research, is when you start to question everything you have been told.  It’s when you begin to reflect on all the lies our government has told us.  You begin to see all of the leaked emails full of the hateful, inconvenient truth that none of us want to accept, but we HAVE TO!

I hope this leads you to do your own research and find your own path and get your own answers to your own truths.  I hope this helps you to think for yourself and to be a little more open-minded.  To learn something new!   -Namaste!

One More Video!

Just in case you needed ONE MORE video!  😉  More insiders talking about NASA lying:

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