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Is Disclosure Coming TODAY? UPDATED

UPDATE  9/15/16

It appeared that I had been duped.  This countdown led to a video of a very angry…  and passionate masked man claiming to be the artist of the “Beast Bills” which has been found around the United States in the previous months.  He spent quite a long time yelling and screaming at people who “claim they are awake” and yet they have done nothing on that day, but watch a timer tick down.  Meanwhile, full term babies are being aborted-  he had some very graphic and extreme video footage to go along with his rant.  Honestly, I had to wonder how one actually gets his hands on footage such as that.

I hung my head in shame for leading people on my social media groups to follow this countdown all day long, hoping for some type of disclosure or important announcement, but to only get yelled at by someone who was an angry fear-mongering name-caller.  No one has time for that.  Even if it was a good message, it got lost in all of his disrespectful accusations and angry tirade.  I immediately went back to my groups to make apologies and archived this article, as I thought it no longer had any relevance…

But, then the insider who had let us to the Federal Beast information came back to us with more information.  At first the insider had been as confused as we all were, but the new information was intriguing, and I find it quite believable.

I had thought these bills had taken not only a great deal of time and effort to produce, but also a great profound knowledge base and understanding of history and politics and the workings of the corrupt US at this time.  This angry person yelling at me through the screen did not seem like that type of person.  What I found from our insider is that the screamer is not the artist who created the “Beast Bills”.  The artist and creator of the “Beast Bills” is actually 3 people and they are unhappy.  We are told by our insider that they will, at some later date, come forward.

We are promised many surprising twists and turns in this.  We shall see…


I was recently directed to a page called BadSelfEater.com .  At first glance, it seems like an odd, eery site where not much is going on.  It is only a red background (up until this morning, at which time the background turned BLACK) time counter with opera music in the background.  This morning, a new piece was added-  the screen turned completely black and the speech that got JFK killed came on.  Once the speech was concluded, the counter came back on.  It could easily lose one’s attention if they don’t know what this is about.

This could possibly be the biggest day of our lives.  The counter, at the time of writing this article is set to only 10 hours.  The countdown will conclude at 6 pm CST/ 4 pm PST TODAY.

It is believed this may be Cicada 3301.  BadSelfEater is an anagram for Federal Beast and it seems that much of our corrupt government- and mainly the Federal Reserve is about to be exposed and corrected.

In many states across the US, these “BEAST BILLS” have been found, and it is said that every single item placed on these bills was placed there for a reason-  not one thing is just “art”.  Many of these puzzle pieces have been put together.  This is the site I have found the best information and most nicely put together:  CLICK HERE.

One thing that is not stated in the site that goes into detail about these bills that Jim and I feel are very important (and the biggest, most obvious thing)  is that Hillary and Trump are big, front and center, with the word ONE behind them.  He is leaning slightly in front of her with a look on his face as if he is there to protect her.  The number ONE behind them suggests they are the same, or one front.  There have also been other clues found that show Hillary and then Trump, as if they are ONE.

I don’t take this lightly.  I believe something that we have never seen in our lifetime is about to happen …  TODAY.  I don’t know what exactly it will be.  I believe it will be information that some people may not be able to handle.  But, I think it ultimately has to happen and will be good for us to begin to rebuild as a nation and to heal as a nation.

If you have any more information about Bad Self Eater, please comment or email me.


Update !!!

The following information was provided from an insider in regards to the Pic of Trump and Clinton –

“Its actually to show he is pulling ahead. If he were protecting her, his eyes would be on her. Trust me on this.”

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