HUGE NEWS from FBI Insiders!!

So, does anyone remember September 10, 2001, when $2.3 Trillion went missing from the Pentagon…  Suddenly, no one remembered that news because the next day… 9/11 happened.

…and now, another $6 Trillion has gone missing from the Pentagon.  An astute VL follower brought this to our attention and had an excellent question-  are we close to another deadly event, such as 9/11?

VL founder, Jim, has been saying for months that we are going to see another huge event, perhaps even bigger than 9/11.  VL has been speculating this event will take place after Trump wins the presidency so the elites can blame it on him…

Guess what information we got from our insider today?

“Much of the missing money ( and it’s around $6.6 trillion) vanished in CIA hands.”   -FBI Insiders

When VL asked our insider if this speculation had any validity, and if we could be on the brink of another huge disaster, this was the answer:

“Jim, yes we are.  That event happens on Trump’s watch.  It’s meant to, at least.

The evil we fight has one name – Cabal.”

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Our insiders say that the FBI is literally on the brink of chaos. Many agents now appear ready to leak information that expose the con job of the botched investigation into Hillary.

We have word that there are senior agents who are now asking for Comey to step down, and details of the actual investigation are being leaked, along with even more details to Breitbart news and Sean Hannity in very near future.

There are two men leading this effort to get FBI agents to leak important Clinton information, according to our insiders.  The two are both former assistant directors of the FBI named Jim  Kallstrom and Ron Hosko.

Our insiders give a DIRE WARNING that they are aware that Julian Assange will leak something HUGE between September 22nd and 25th.

“In conclusion, the FBI is experiencing a crisis never seen in its long history.  They want Lynch prosecuted and Comey removed.  Many plan to quit if nothing is done and you can expect 30% of the FBI to quit if Hillary gets elected !!!!!”  

The above quote is straight from our insider.  He further says, “Expect huge leaks to come within the coming weeks.”  

Our FBI insiders have made it very clear that many agents will do their best to make sure Hillary is not elected.


As of approximately 2 hours after this article went up, Jim Kallstrom gave an interview on Fox radio.

There are now over 1,000 agents ready to quit FBI if Hillary gets elected.  They call it Operation Stop the Cabal.

These strong and brave FBI agents are going against the Zionists and are now refusing to share intel with Israel.  Now, money-  as in a HUGE amount, has been laundered through Israel via Mossad and ended up in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and, of course, Israel.  Netanhayu is very involved and the FBI knows this.  Netanyahu is in cahoots with Soros, according to our insiders.  This does not mean the people of Israel are evil. The Likud party is.  Netanyahu is. The FBI knows this plan is a power move to rule the world and is being actively built via central banks and media.

This plan is called Greater Israel and it’s literally what the true name of the Cabal is.  Goals include:

  1. Creating war by Muslims on Christians.
  2. Fooling Evangelicals to support Israel, then turn on them
  3. Fool Putin into befriending Turkey again and then get NATO to war with Russia.

Israel can stay out of the conflict and pick up the spoils of WW3.  The FBI is aware that Netanyahu and Soros are in on this, as are the Clintons.  The FBI also has proof the Clinton Foundation was used to launder stolen money from Pentagon!

The FBI folks want Soros and Lynch prosecuted as well as the Clintons, and it appears they will not stand down until that happens.  These people are a big part of our Alliance.  They deserve our support!

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