Gun Grab in This Quiet Neighborhood Because of “Mental Health Issue”?

This is article is rather close and personal to me.  Today, while I was at work, I got an email from a neighbor letting me know the elementary school next to where I live was on lock down and the streets were blocked off in both directions.


As I began investigating, I went to a website set up for my neighborhood, called Nextdoor, I found the thread with my neighbors reporting on what they were seeing.  Some neighbors had police in front of their homes and some were even able to overhear conversations among some of the officers.

One neighbor reported online:  “The police are in my driveway and I can hear them ‘discussing a bipolar individual in crisis and how to remove him from the property.’ My neighbor asked for information on the circumstances and was told that they could not discuss the situation at this time.

The same neighbor also reported, “They had guns out and were ordering the occupants out verbally at approx. 11:45.”

Of course, I was very concerned and deeply disturbed.

Here is another photo that was posted on our neighborhood website:


Ambulances and SWAT are now on the scene. The police just escorted my daughter home. 🙂”  was also in the thread by a neighbor.  I was thankful to see the officers helping children home.  And let me say I do appreciate and respect the officers in my neighborhood.  They do not harass people or treat them disrespectfully, as so many of the stories I see on alternative media and even in mainstream media.  I say often that we are blessed to not have to deal with that where we live…

That being said, AFTER the child was removed from the home and taken into custody, THEN the police entered the home and began searching for weapons…  My question to the group was, “Why did the police feel it was necessary to take weapons out of the home AFTER the person in question was in custody?”  Of course, that started a whole new brew-ha-ha, as one neighbor’s response to my question was “Yea, let’s leave a mental case with all their weapons. What could go wrong?  Tongue pressed firmly in cheek.”

My point was, the “mental case”, as this neighbor so eloquently referred to the child as, was already removed- in custody.  Apparently, just because the mother called police and asked for help, this meant she gave up her Second Amendment constitutional right to lawfully own weapons that were purchased legally?  Why?  That’s my question.  Why?

I am aware it’s not the decision of the police and I am not suggesting they overstepped any boundaries….  necessarily…  I guess.  I don’t know.  I’m not sure what the legalities are and if they are city or federal laws.  But, it shouldn’t even matter what the city or federal laws say-  if they go against the CONSTITUTION.

All is well at the school and on my street in my neighborhood again…  unless I call the police for help, then I’d better make sure all weapons in the house that I don’t want to be stolen are well hidden…

September 21, 2016

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