Was Trump’s Name Removed From November Ballot?

According to ChristianTimesNewspaper.com, Donald Trump’s name will NOT be on the ballot when voters in Minnesota show up to voting booths on Election Day.

A sample ballot produced on the Secretary of State’s website Thursday morning showed third party candidate Evan McMullin and candidates for many other parties on the ballot, including former Democratic candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, now with the American Delta Party — but no Trump.

Whether this was due to a clerical error or if it was evidence of voter fraud is unclear, but what is certain is that the Trump campaign will be forced to jump through several hoops to even attempt to have his name on the ballot in November.
MN ballot
It may have been sheer incompetence or it might have been a clever ploy to keep Trump’s people busy focusing on things they should not have to spend time on, rather than where they should be focusing their energies.
A website called Redstate.com tried to twist it into a ploy that Trump had planned stating “it might be a clever ploy by Trump to avoid a Mondale-esque 50 state blow-out by deliberately not appearing on the ballot in at least one state so he can say he didn’t lose there.”  That sounds pretty excruciatingly STUPID to me, since Trump is actually crucifying Killary in every REAL poll that has been done.  The only polls that suggest she may be winning are by the MSM- and Soros owns all of them.  Of course we know Soros is Killary’s puppet master.
It has now been reported by CNN that the Republican GOP did make the deadline and Trump’s name has now been added to the ballot.  Whew!
A request for comment from the Minnesota Republican Party  nor from the Trump campaign has not been returned.
Now, however, reports are surfacing that Trump’s name may not be on the ballot in other key states, such as Arizona, New Mexico, and North Carolina.

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