Warning To The “Stockpile” Warnings

In the past few days, VL has reported various countries calling for its citizens to begin stockpiling food and water-  at least enough for 10 days.  My original question was, “What are they expecting?”  I was trying to get word out to begin stockpiling.  Now, however, I have had several very reliable and credible inside government sources bring up a scenario I had never thought of.

This is going to sound like a huge conspiracy-  believe me, I know.  However, I could not take this warning from these ANONS lightly, as it was stressed that this is very important!

My insiders have strongly suggested the stockpile warnings are a plan to weaken and sicken certain groups of people.  The question posed is, “Is the stockpile warning in Europe actually a warning that elites plan to taint the public’s water supply?”

We were told this a few days ago from one ANONYMOUS source:

Soon, within weeks, Governments will start to tell citizens to stock pile food. I think Germany already did, but next is Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, etc.

And, sure enough…  Germany did demand their citizens stockpile food and water, with Czech to immediately follow.  Read my articles here about GERMANY and CZECH.

Our ANONS go on to say The stockpiled food is meant to weaken and sicken Christians.  This is not the first time we have been told by government insiders there is a war on Christians.

Please be aware that history does repeat itself.  In case you are not familiar with these types of things that happened in the past, let me give you a very short and brief history lesson.  Please do some follow up with your own research, if you don’t feel comfortable with what is presented here.


According to an investigator in the Prosecutor’s office who was investigating “tests” between 1938 and 1945, the poisons were at first administered in food.  Reports describe how one of the first victims, a healthy, strong man, “rushed about the cell as his stomach pains worsened… it was clear he understood…” The report describes how he visibly weakened, shrank “and grew quieter and quieter, until he was completely still.”

Sometimes poisons that had first been tested on animals and were deadly to them, would not kill the prisoners, but just produce pains and high fevers. However, there was no reprieve.

If they didn’t die, then they’d nurse them back to health and try again,” said Bobrenyov, one of the scientists. “They would sometimes make as many as three attempts to kill them until they finally succeeded.”  There were no survivors from these experiments.  See more about these experiments HERE.

Hitler- Germany Concentration Camps

There was obvious murder and genocide in Germany by Hitler, as we all know.  However, some do not realize that not all of the genocide came from outright hideous torture and murder, but some was more subtle.  Such as fluoride in the water.

Fluoride was first used in Nazi Concentration camps and the gulags in Siberia, by Hitler,  to make prisoners docile and easier to control. Other experiments did include adding toxic chemicals to food, as well.


Mossad had a very long history of poisoning people through use of food and water.  He once fed a man poisoned chocolate for 6 months, before the chocolate finally killed the man in the late 1970’s.  He was also reported to have killed a man by putting radioactive poison on his toothbrush.  All of his methods were cunning-  most people would eagerly take the poison without even knowing it.

Poisoning Wells

According to Wilkipedia, Well-poisoning is the act of malicious manipulation of potable water resources in order to cause illness or death, or to deny an opponent access to fresh water resources.

Back in the middle ages, the people who controlled the money would get revenge on towns by poisoning their wells.  This was well known and wide spread.

According to our government insiders, we may be seeing the well poisoners back again, and this time, its part of a three part plan called Operation Nokmim.  Our sources claim that the refugee crisis and now the planned poisoning of the Christians in Europe, are all part of a greater plan to persecute the Christians and set the Muslims on them like “rabid dogs”.

At this point, we are posed with the question, what if the people pushing this agenda are literally making sure Muslims and Christians wipe each other out?  Who would that serve?  A likely answer could be, the synagogue of satan, the same demons that poisoned wells in Europe 500 years ago.

The logic of the insiders, who do know of Operation Nokmim is that when Germany tells its citizens to stockpile food, they are actually intent on sickening the people who stockpile.  They know Jews eat kosher, and do not stockpile.  The government also knows Arabs will ignore the warning.  They are therefore, sure to hit their “target” audience by poisoning the food and water they are calling to stockpile.  Insidious, eh?

VL is committed to TRUTH.  Because of this, many insiders trust us.  The information VL has been receiving has been increasingly more intense.  We are not fear-mongers at VL, but we ARE truth-seekers.  And we do feel it is our purpose here at VL to awaken as many people as are willing to awaken.  This article was written based on all of those factors.

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