Pentagon Insider Latest Info – August 8, 2016

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As of this morning, here is the latest information from our Pentagon insider ANON.

Seth Rich was murdered by a hitman connected to Mossad and was hired by John Podesta. ANON tells VL that Huma and Hillary are both aware of the hired hit for Seth Rich.  This happened because Rich leaked documents to Wikileaks.

On June 1st, Rich’s email was hacked. Then his Linked in was hacked, as well. The hitman was hired out of Chicago.

Wasserman Schultz is also aware and even Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos, knows about the hit. If hackers are able to work as a team to uncover Seth’s tracks, they can receive the $20k reward money offered by Wikileaks, but even more so, they can uncover a number of recent deaths tied to DNC and Hillary.

“People who cross the path to Hillary are dying, the US regime is getting nervous.

According to ANON, this information goes all the way up:  

“Obama himself is getting briefings and wants Assange killed.  The administration is in a real pickle. Mossad sent a kid to do the hit and he did a piss poor job.”

This “kid” left many clues, says our ANON. “This murder will be the undoing of the Democratic mafia.”

Keep checking back for the latest leaks and REAL NEWS from our insider.

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