Hillary Clinton, Mother of ISIS

Here is the latest conversation to take place between Victurus Libertas and our Pentagon insider, ANON.

“They finally decided to seek revenge . Israel has been behind the attacks in Paris, Nice, Brussels.  Watch Turkey today.. a bombing.. “

VL:  “It appears that this is unraveling big time. I always check out the faith of these people and interestingly, Podesta is listed as a Catholic. From what I understand, these people are recruited from the beginning. Part of the Jesuit Order. The Pope himself is a Jesuit. It is my understanding that the Mossad takes orders from the Jesuits. So yes, Zionist are a nefarious group but in my opinion, people neglect to see the role of the secret order of the Jesuits who some people say, were the initiators of JFKs assassination. Funny because, JFK of course was a Catholic himself.”

ANON:  “Yes, exactly. You have a keen understanding. There is a greater goal, which is “Greater Israel” Note that the NY Times, Guardian, Washington Post, etc, all serve in making “Greater Israel” come to fruition. Netanyahu, who is known as “Bibi” is relishing the “payback” Europe is receiving by being decimated by refugee populations that include terrorists.”

VL:  It makes sense – “Greater Israel” which, no doubt, will include the rebuilding of the temple.

ANON: “Exactly. There are plans for “terrorists” to destroy the temple mount now. Isis was dreamed up by Netanyahu, Joe Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. It was created to take down Syria and weaken Iran. The Turks are in on it, as well as Saudis. The true axis of evil now is Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. If you did a video called Hillary Clinton, Mother of Isis, that would be a wake up call. Putin plainly said Isis is Israeli in nature. Istanbul is where they plan to headquarter Isis. When that occurs, expect daily terror attacks in UK, France, Germany, Italy etc. France was attacked in Nov 2015 ( Paris) on orders of Netanyahu who was upset with France politically.”

So, I took our ANON’s advice and titled the article appropriately…  Let’s keep an eye out on Turkey today…  and pray, meditate, send positive vibrations-  or whatever it is that you do to manifest peace in our world.  We need it now.


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