Ever Wonder How Soros Got So Much Money?

Ever wonder how George Soros got so much money?  … Here is one way-  through corrupt political measures.

Wikileaks has released a memo showing a deal Soros’ was involved in that made him a “cool and corrupt USD 15 million”, as stated in the memo.

It starts:

“(S) Senior Senegalese and IMF officials have confidentially shared with us their concerns that the government, apparently with President Abdoulaye Wade’s blessing, is preparing to enter into a privately negotiated, potentially corrupt deal to sell the government’s holdings in Sonatel, Senegal’s most profitable company. The windfall to the government could be USD one billion or more, with at least USD 15 million going to Rothschild Bank, the advising/administering entity….”

On May 2, 1970, Sogue Diarisso, a senior official at the Ministry of Finance and a close confidante to Finance Minister Abdoulaye Diop, presented Econ Counselor with the outline of a secret and corrupt plan for the sale of the GOS’s approximately 28% stake in Sonatel, Senegal’s largest telecommunications company.  The value of  Senegal’s Sonatel shares at that time was estimated at approximately $1.2 billion.

According to Diarisso, with the DGMP’s waiver, the government could easily conclude an exclusive deal with the investment bank, Rothschild to act as the advisor and sole agent for the sale, including “deciding” who gets the opportunity to buy the shares.  The widely held belief in Dakar, was that the main beneficiary would be President Wade’s son (and Special Economic Advisor) Karim, who, along with his close business partners in Kuwait, and whatever shell companies they owned at the time, would be granted an insider opportunity to buy the shares.

The primary purpose of this divestiture was to help Karim Wade and his associates launder huge sums of cash that had been collected throughout the years through “contributions,” “donations,” kickbacks, and the sale of illegally acquired assets- much of which was generated in the preparations summit of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) held in March in Dakar.

“Adding to the fiscal irresponsibility of this scheme, the arrangement with Rothschild’s reportedly includes paying the bank a 1.5 percent commission on the value of the shares, for a cool and corrupt USD 15 million.”

See the memo in it’s entirety HERE 

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