Anonymous Sources Within Government Spilling Secrets

There are multiple insiders within our government trying to help their fellow citizens by leaking very important information at this time!  It is vital that we listen to their warning carefully and share the truth as much as possible!

Today, an anonymous government source warned VL that Israel has secretly partnered with Turkey recently.  The source also pointed out that Isreal  helped Turkey do the airport attack of June 28th. The date was chosen by Israeli secret service because it was the anniversary of WWI, rich in symbolism.

The insider warns:

“Saudis, Israel and Turkey have teamed up to weaken Europe, just as Israel Saudis US and Turkey created and fostered Isis to weaken Iran and Syria. These are oil wars.”

As Mosul falls, escape routes are already in use- bringing ISIS fighters to Istanbul.  Our Pentagon insider had told us a few weeks ago ISIS would have a home base in Istanbul.

Israel is the “ultimate commander” of ISIS and the plan is to punish Germany, France and basically all of Europe for WWII.  Zionists (who we sometimes call The Cabal) consider this “righteous” and they consider Christians the enemy.  I will repeat-  THIS IS A WAR ON CHRISTIANS.  The U.S. was founded on Christian values, and therefore, the U.S. is a target.

The Zionists want to take down Rome, and are sending ISIS to do it. Rome is the symbolic seat of Christianity.  Most Jews are unaware of this plan and are not part of it.  Only the “Synagogue of Satan” … i.e. Khazars are part of this, as well as the media, banking interests, etc.

Netanyahu is their chosen general.  If anyone questions the Israeli policy, they would be accused of being an anti-semite.  If anyone questions Erdogan, they are considered a member of the “coup” and are subject to being raped, executed etc.

It was impressed that the “fake jews” (The Khazars) are actually Turkish and that they now run Israel-  this is prophecy, as in Gog and Magog, Ezekiel 38-39.  (cited directly by the anonymous source)

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