WikiLeaks Email Confirming Mishandling of Candidacy Money

Leaked email dated 4/17/16 from HRC’s email server:

To:  Luis Miranda, DNC

4/17/16  11:47 AM

It’s Gene Emery from PolitiFact.   This afternoon we’re checking the claim made by George Clooney on Meet the Press that “The overwhelming amount of the money that we’re raising, is not going to Hillary to run for President. . . . It’s going to the congressmen and senators to try to take back Congress.” … Is Clooney correct? Can you tell us what percentage of the money collected from the fundraisers is going to Clinton and how much is going to downballot candidates?  Any links to documentation would be appreciated.

REPLY:  To Gene Emery, PolitiFact

4/17/16  12:58 PM

Hi Gene, that was a campaign event so I would refer you to the campaign for details.

REPLY: To Luis Miranda, DNC

4/17/16  12:59 PM

But it’s supposed to benefit the party, and you’re the party. If we just defer to the campaign, that’s going to carry less weight because their comments are more likely to sound self-serving.

REPLY: To Gene Emery, PolitiFact

4/17/16  2:53 PM

Off the record, it’s not our event. Even with the joint victory fund, each campaign administers their own.

REPLY:  To Luis Miranda, DNC

5/2/16  10:59 AM

….Please don’t tell me this is Clinton money and you have nothing to do with it. In the end, the states are giving it to the DNC, so I need reaction from the DNC.  Now that this arrangement is out, is the DNC going to turn around and give the money back to the state parties? Otherwise it appears that the DNC is benefiting from money raised under false pretenses. Is the party comforable with that?

REPLY:  To Gene Emery, PolitiFact

5/2/16  6:58 PM

Hi Gene, good talking with you earlier. I appreciated the opportunity to clarify how the funds work. You can attribute this quote to me:  The suggestion there’s anything unusual about our joint victory funds has  no basis in the law or reality, as recognized by numerous independent experts that have looked at this. The fact is both campaigns signed on to similar agreements. While only one campaign is currently using their joint  victory fund we encourage both of our campaigns to identify opportunities to support the national and state Democratic parties *now* so that we can continue to build the infrastructure to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot in November.   Separately, Off the record, since it is the campaigns that reach out to third parties (meaning state parties) to sign them up to join the victory fund, you should direct your request there on the specifics of the agreements.

REPLY: To Luis Miranda, DNC

5/2/16  22:04

Then let me ask you a question that is definitely in the realm of the DNC: What happens in the states that haven’t cut deals with the HVF? Are they cut out of the research, party infrastructure, and communications you’re talking about? I presume they can buy in to your services. What’s the price for each state? How do you set that price? By population? By number of Democrats in a state? Are the rules for setting the price tag the same whether or not they’re part of the HVF deal? Finally, does the DNC have copies of the individual agreements the HVF cut with each state, copies of just some, or no copies at all?

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