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Vermont BEWARE- Ads Wanting Crisis Actors

Ads appearing in Craigslist calling for crisis actors for July 28-31, 2016 is a tell-tale sign of more FALSE FLAGS to come!

Anyone in the Vermont area, BEWARE!  Here is a screenshot of the ad, in case it is taken down.  It has been up for 4 days.

Craigs list crisis actor screenshot  I wish someone would apply and get this gig and then come back to me and give me the whole scoop!  I could pay more than the $80 advertised here!

Anyway, once this happens at the end of July, you WILL see me posting about it being a false flag.  I hope everyone begins to wake up to this set up by our government.  Believe me, they are NOT here to protect you.


See more pictures from the ad, in case they take it down soon:

head crisis actor           actor crisis actor           arm crisis actor

Here is the full description of the “job” you will be required to do:

craigs list description

The company listed at the bottom of the description is E-9 Enterprises Inc.   They say they are Military Veteran owned and they conduct these training events supporting the U.S. military worldwide. They then direct you to their website.  I went to the website to substantiate.  It is a valid website and they advertise that they specialize in Human Capital Management…  whatever that is;  and Event Support Services worldwide.  Check it out for yourself.

Another Craigslist ad was also found for West Palm Beach.  No dates were given on this ad, as they must be on-going and the compensation is considerably higher for this one:  $300-$500 per day.  Here is the screenshot and link for that one.  I did email the contact to see if I could get more information.  I will update as more happens.

west palm beach crisis actors

I sent a text to the person listed in the ad for Vermont.  Here are screenshots of that conversation:

text to paultext to paul-2 text to paul-3 text to paul-4

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