Pentagon Insider Leaks Info to VL

Victurus Libertas is trying very hard to get the truth out and to wake the masses.  We are in a time in our lives that will go down in history.  So much is going on, and as much as we see on the surface, at least 100 times that is going on behind the scenes.  We need people to awake and be aware of the times we are coming into and what is about to be upon us…  many are doing their parts for multiple “disclosures” to happen.

A very intriguing insider, who just left the Pentagon contacted VL today with very interesting and important information. We promised to keep the insider anonymous.  Here is some of the information he gave us permission to release:

ANON:  “The next wiki leak will deal with Clinton Foundation. Quid pro. Cicada 3301, which you hear about, is connected to wikileaks. There are former and current FBI agents who are leaking, not Russians. There are internal battles afoot, and the white hats are using a segment of Cicada 3301 called Pi Mobi to expose the false flags being committed in US and Europe. Watch UK and NYC, Berlin and Paris in coming days. Things about to get r[e]ally crazy by 2nd week of August.”

I was completely unaware of Cicada 3301, so here is what I found:

Cicada 3301 is the name given to a faceless organization or person who has been setting insanely complex challenges and puzzles to code-breakers on the internet since 2012.

Nobody knows for sure the identity of the group behind the puzzles but speculation about who may be behind it includes the Freemasons, the Illuminati, hacker group Anonymous, the US Government or just a troll having some fun.

A Cicadian is someone who has chosen to give up the superficial and unfulfilling world around them to follow the path of the Cicada, and emerge into enlightenment.

Cicadianism is a technomystical order.  The philosophy is neither a religion nor a science, but a blend of spirituality, technology, science, and mysticism. It is referred to, by the Cicadians, as a ‘technomysticism’.

It makes sense that Cicada is linked to the Wikileaks emails, because on June 1st, 2016, the message that was left on 4chan said, “Hello.  Those who would destroy our lives with lies will themselves be destroyed by the truth”  It was signed 3301.  And the Clintons are definitely liars.  I must admit I am giddy each time I see more of their lies exposed to the public.

 See more about Cicada 3301 HERE

The next interaction between VL and our ANON, gives a little more foreshadow into what to expect in the coming weeks:

VL:  I appreciate your info…   Who else have you shared this info with? I am expecting at least one major event to happen this summer here in the states… Perhaps greater than 911. I believe that it will cause a severe market crash or so they will use that as an excuse to plunge our economy into abyss. I also believe there are dangerous levels of radiation through our country that is not being reported. In many cases, 100’s of times the safe EPA level….. Please keep me informed as you hear things.

ANON:  I share with nobody I was with Pentagon, and now left. Yes on radiation. Stront 90, from fukushima, causing a trophic contamination route killing marine biota…  And yes on major terorist attack as well to weaken Trump in office. Cinton Foundation behind it, and Soros

Another important tidbit shared by our ANON is that Cicada 3301 is in the process of developing a software called CAKES that is meant to allow whistleblowers within the US. government to report corruption.  The platform is near completion.  ANON also stressed that many FBI agents plan to leak more details of the Clinton Foundation investigation to Wikileaks and some already have.

Many thanks to anyone out there who is willing to come out with the truth for others to hear.  We must continue to fight the good fight and eventually we WILL see good conquer evil!

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