James Corbett Speaks Out About False Flags

I found a GREAT video with James Corbett speaking about False Flags.  He is a very respected and honest reporter who spoke out about 911 SIX YEARS AGO!

It’s crazy that some Americans still buy the crazy story that 19 men armed with box cutters, directed by a man on dialysis…  Well, you know the story:

Now, here is a less animated version of what has really gone on and is going on in our world.  According to James Corbett,

“Acts of violence and terror never benefit the average man or woman.  They only ever benefit those in positions of power…”

“…And the Americans…  are learning about 911 and their own Army counter insurgency manuals that teach officers how to commit False Flag attacks to blame on their enemies.  In short, the people are learning the truth.”

“The oathkeepers are being attacked by the minions on the left and the right.  And now it is not just the malitia that is being demonized by the establishment, it is the veterans and gun owners, third party supporters and libertarians, anti-war protesters and human rights campaigners.  People who are upset with the government giving trillions to the banks who have engineered our financial crises.  In short, everyone is now a potential terrorist according to the governmental and media agencies….”  – James Corbett

Please listen to the video below and share this article:

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