Is Mandela Effect Meant to Target A Certain Age Group?

Okay.  I am officially freaked out.  I have not had this kind of feeling since the day I realized that 95% of the “food” that is sold in the stores, is not really food.  After researching GMO’s and the effects, I remember going grocery shopping for my family.  I walked into the store, got a shopping cart and started down the first aisle.  Suddenly, looking around me, I saw these products for what they really were-  poison.  I stopped in the middle of the aisle and started to cry.  There was nothing on these shelves I could buy that would not be poison to my family’s bodies.  But, over time, as things soaked in, I began to feel empowered with the knowledge I had and I realized there WERE things I could do.  And I would be better in the end for knowing what I knew and making the changes I did.  Now, we eat fresh organic, non-GMO food and shop only at certain stores that give me more peace of mind.  I am hoping the same will happen with this new knowledge.

So, at the risk of sounding crazy…  have any of you been hearing about the Mandela Effect?  Here is the definition from Wilkepedia:  “A situation where a number of people have memories that are different from available evidence. The term was coined by paranormal enthusiast Fiona Broome, who says she and other people remember Nelson Mandela dying in 1980s, rather than in 2013.  A common thread of discussion regarding this “effect” is remembering the Berenstain Bears with a different spelling.”

And, actually, I happen to join Ms. Broome in remembering the Berenstein Bears spelled with an “E” rather than with an “A”.

Okay, there are hundreds-  hundreds of examples and you can watch Youtube videos all day long to see the variances people have discovered.  I noticed some of these subtle changes in the stores, on labels and the like, but I didn’t pay it much attention until all of this was brought out to me, putting all of them in my face at once.  Even though they seem like small trivial spellings and only small words are changed-  this is very disturbing to me.  HOW can this be?  I don’t buy the Mandela Effect where a group of people are “remembering” incorrectly…  there are some traces of the way this group of people are remembering PROVING they are not remember incorrectly.Berenstein Bears-2

For instance, speaking of the Berenstein Bears…  I guess all of those images have not yet been scrubbed.  I did manage to find a few of the books that are still spelled Berenstein (AND, by the way, the reason the authors named them with that spelling, is because that was the spelling of their last name).  So here is the ONE image I found of the Berenstein Bears that allowed me to save it.

Now, like I said, you can see hundreds, if not thousands of videos about all of the different anomalies people have found.  I’m not going to go into each one that has been brought to my attention or that I have noticed.  Instead, I’m going to focus just on the Berenstein Bears for a moment. (Haha!  As I am writing this, every single time I write “Berenstein” there is a red line under it indicating a misspelling)…

I have proof with that picture that there are books with the spelling “Berenstein”.  Let’s see what else I can find on the internet with the spelling of Berenstein.

Amazon Berenstein Authors and book

We found on Amazon, plenty of books with the spelling of Berenstain Bears, written by Stan and Jan Berenstain, starting at $.01 .  However, the books for sale with the spelling of Berenstein…  were selling for $100.  AND there was no picture available.  Interesting….

Berenstein Bears Sega game



Also, I found a Sega game of the Berenstein Bears.  If you see the description, it is spelled correctly, but the game itself looks as if it is spelled with an “A” (sorry for the blurry image.  It was the only one I could find).

Berenstein Bears tickets





It looks as if “they” (whoever is capable of something like this) didn’t realize ticketmaster may have had shows for the Berenstein Bears, so didn’t scrub this site.  See that Stan and Jan’s name is spelled with an “E”.

duckduckgo Berenstein




Then I wondered if it was just Google in on this scam.  So I went to and did a search for Berenstein Bears.  I got pretty much the same results, with one exception.  I found under “videos” this video cartoon of the Berenstein Bears.  When I clicked on it, however, I was told I would be unable to watch it unless I go through Youtube.  When I agreed to those terms, and it sent me to Youtube, the spelling immediately became Berenstain.  That was very interesting to me.

MTv bio not available


One more.  Again, from, I found a site called MTvArtists, which gives biographies of famous people.  Stan and Jan Berenstein were listed, spelled correctly…  But, the bio was not available.

Yes, these are all trivial spellings and may not mean much to some, but…  if this is possible, what is NOT possible.  So, my questions are…   Why?  Who?  And how?

Why would this be happening?  What would be gained by these different spellings?  Why would it matter enough to change them?  It seems like there are some glitches.  A few remnants of the “real” items remain in inconspicuous places.  Who or what would be capable of something like this?  I guess until we know what “this” is, the answer is not really possible.  And HOW?  How could this be?  Some theories are that the time lines have overlapped and therefore, a few things from the “old” timeline still remain-  as remnants.

A few things that come to my mind is…  taking into consideration the time frame of the things that have been changed, only people who are middle-aged and up are actually being affected.  Spending hours going through videos and pictures on the internet trying to verify to yourself that you are not crazy.  Only people around 40 or so remember Fruit Loops, Home Depot, Jiffy peanut butter, Star Wars, JFK getting shot, Christopher Reeves and Berenstein Bears, among the hundreds of other items out there that have suddenly changed.  By the way, WHEN did it change?

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Many contend this has something to do with CERN.  They have been very open about saying they are opening doors to other dimensions.  Are we in another dimension?  A parallel universe?  A real life Matrix?  If so, why are only trivial things different?  Why those things?  Why things from the 70’s?  Is someone or something trying to make anyone over the age of 40 think they are going crazy?  Depending on how people handle things, this could do it.  Think about it…  if someone can’t even admit that the elections are rigged, how the hell can they wrap their brains around THIS?  And this is not even a conspiracy.  There are plenty of glitches out there to prove the things once were as we remember.

WHY?  Why would it matter if Mona Lisa is smiling or not?  WHY would they need to insert more people into the car when JFK was shot?  WHY would the spelling of Fruit Loops and Oxy Clean and Berenstein Bears matter?  WHY?

I am beginning to see that the people who are more awakened have the same “memories” as me.  One person’s theory was that the ones who have “awakened” have been brought here to this alternate “reality” to help wake others up.  That could make sense to me.  I also saw it pointed out in a video that if you google where we are located in the galaxy – in this “realm”, it is different than where we will remember being located.

I said just the other day to a friend, that I was seeing a huge split in people who are “good” vs. people who are “… not so good” at heart. The people I always considered to be kind are even MORE KIND and VERY GOOD now and the ones who I thought to be not so good, are REALLY NASTY now, doing really bad things… have you noticed more of a dividing “split” in good vs. bad?

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, thoughts…  throw them out there.  I want to hear anything anyone has to say on the matter.    I don’t need to convince others it is happening.  I don’t care about the spellings.  I care about WHY this happening.

I found this video to be interesting:

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