Could the Floating Cities We Saw Over China Be A Future Dimension?

I found an interview with this scientist, named Al Bielek, who worked in many top secret government programs, participated in time travel, had contact with aliens, was part of the Philadelphia Experiment, etc.  -his credentials go on and on.  (To see his complete interview, which is absolutely mind-boggling, go HERE.)

The part of Mr. Bielek’s interview I wanted to focus on at this time, was that in the 28th century, he talked about seeing floating cities.  He went to a different dimension, in the future and saw floating cities…  See the first part of this video.

Now, with all the talk of CERN opening portals to other dimensions, coupled with me remembering in one of Corey’s interviews with David Wilcock on their Gaia channel series “Cosmic Disclosure”…  Corey Goode spoke of the interstellar beings he was in contact with telling him the beings were only a “future” version of ourselves.  Now… remember when this hit news:

The “floating city” over China…  So, I wonder if all of these things are linked.  If CERN is opening portals to other dimensions…  and some of those dimensions can defy gravity and they have floating cities…  if we may be encountering an overlap of several dimensions at once?  Could we be getting a glimpse of a future/distant dimension?  I guess I’m just thinking out loud, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together-  that’s what I do.  I dig and dig to get to the truth and I can’t rest until I know the “WHY” and the “HOW”.

If anyone has anything to add or throw into the comment section, I would love to hear it!

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