Civil Unrest Happening Now! Are We In The Middle of the Next Civil War?

I’ve been saying for years that President Obama’s motives were to divide and create civil unrest in the United States.  It has taken almost his entire 8 years in office, but as he has ramped up the false flags and funded extra terrorist groups, it looks as if it is finally happening.

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For the past several years, I have been reading and hearing “martial law is coming“!  A few thoughts on this:  First, you must not be aware, but we have BEEN in martial law for a while, now, people.  When the children have a “curfew” and will be arrested if they are out past 10 pm…  THAT is martial law.  When a natural disaster happens and people are FORCED out of their home to a FEMA camp…  THAT is martial law.  When the police break into your home, shoot the wrong person to death and get a “paid leave of absence” while the police department investigates itself…  THAT is martial law.  When the police drive around in a bullet-proof tank and wear helmets and metal protective gear down your street…  THAT IS MARTIAL LAW!  How much worse do you need it to get before you call it what it is??

Another thing people don’t realize, is that “martial law” won’t be ANNOUNCED on mainstream media… “Okay, I guess all the conspiracy theorists were right.  We are announcing martial law world wide tonight, folks!  Good luck!” …  NO!  That is not how it will happen.  It has happened already!  See the video below:

All of these things have come about in a slow and methodical manner and those who have been awake, have seen it coming and have been preparing.  I hope you are one who has been preparing, because if you have not been…  it may be too late.

Take a look at this one:

I have news for you;  THIS is private property.  The owners of this house have the right to open fire on ANYONE who is standing on his porch and attempting to come inside…  PROVIDED the owner has a gun.  Guess why Obama has been so hell-bent on “regulating fire arms”?  THIS is why!  If that right is taken from us, our lives will soon follow.

We have civil unrest at this time in Baton Rouge, New York, and St. Paul in the United States – even reaching worldwide in Berlin, Germany, and France.

The Bahamas has even issued a travel warning to its citizens traveling to or across the United States.  The advisory warns young Bahamian males to exercise “extreme caution”, be non-confrontational, and cooperate when dealing with U.S. law enforcement. It also asked for Bahamians to not participate in political or any other demonstrations under any circumstances.

It’s interesting that the propaganda we get here in the U.S. is how “dangerous” all the other countries are, yet the other countries are the ones who feel it necessary to issue warnings when citizens travel to the U.S.

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