The U.S. Dollar Collapse Has Begun- Gold On The RISE!

Today, the US government released its jobs report.  The market was expecting an additional 200,000 jobs to have been added in May, but instead, that number was less than 1/5 of that expectation, at a mere 38,000.

As a result, within minutes the US dollar took a massive dive by currency standards, falling one entire cent in just a few seconds.

Click below to see larger view of U.S. Dollar as of 06/03/16


While the IMF, Obama and the Federal Reserve has been going on about a “recovery”, the numbers speak volumes…  and speak the truth, while Obama is still “peddling fiction”, to use his own words.

Why did the government allow such bad numbers to come out at this time?  Jeff Berwick’s guess is that the Federal Reserve needed a reason to not raise rates as they know that even another 0.25% rate hike could implode the worldwide economy and potentially set off a crisis that would be unimaginable in scale.  The Dollar Vigilante believes the big crisis is planned to begin this fall, or perhaps somewhat earlier, maybe in August like last year.

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Victurus Libertas has gotten several comments from people claiming to be insiders and to have some knowledge of the economic reset and other goings on with the bringing back of the new “Old Republic” of the United States.  One comment whispered to us simply that the next 3 months will be very exciting ones.

Gold, as a result, SOARED!  See chart below


I see people in social media every day boasting about how gold is not rising, as all the experts keep saying it will…  These people do not see the big picture, nor do they know how this whole game is played.

As you can see in the Dollar Vigilante chart above, gold skyrocketed today, rising 2.5% in a the blink of an eye!

We will keep you up to speed-  check back to Victurus Libertas often!

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