Mass Shooting at FL Gay Night Club -Latest False Flag?

I never automatically believe any mass shooting that the mainstream media immediately starts calling a “terrorist act” and “related to ISIS” (ISIS= the terrorist group the United States created)…  therefore, I did turn on CBS to see what script the journalists were given to say this time.  It was the same as all the other false flags we have seen.

Interestingly, the shooter called 9-1-1 to pledge his allegiance to ISIS-  Wow!  Is that the way they do it these days?  That’s as good as the 9-1-1 “terrorists” leaving behind their very legal and apparently fire-proof passports.

Also what do you make of this photo of the alleged shooter (Omar Mateen) wearing NYPD shirts?   I find interest in that.  Was he in the police department?  Are they lying about there being no connection?  The mainstream media claims it was a “cruel joke”.

omar-mateen NYPD

More good news-  the name Mateen means “powerful” and Omar means “long living”.

In case you missed the shooter name’s meaning in the last big False Flag-  Charleston shootings.  Dylann Storm Roof.  That name meaning was Dylann = “great tide or wave”, Storm= (well, we know what storm means) and Roof = “high summit or sky”.  I don’t know about you, but I find interest in this, as well.

Not to mention, Omar’s father has already spoken to the police, admitted his son did the crime and gave the reason for the crime and apologized to the public…  Did the father have a conversation with Omar before the supposed crime happened?  If so, he’s a co-conspirator, which means he really should have had a lawyer before giving such statements, don’t you think?  Yea.  It’s all suspect to me.

We are continuing to watch and listen with open eyes and ears-  not those of sheeple.  We will update you with whatever observations we may find that the mainstream media will not tell you.

See video for more info:


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