Follow Up On Orlando Pulse Club False Flag

We were among the first ones to spot all the clues that point to a false flag when the Orlando supposed mass shooting at the Pulse club happened early Sunday morning June 12, 2016.  As more reports came out and more interviews took place, it was even more and more obvious this was indeed, a false flag.  If you are not yet convinced, I encourage you to watch the short videos below.

We all saw this guy with the red tennis shoes being carried with an alleged gun shot wound to the leg.  Watch this video closely.  Watch the “rescuers” put down the “victim” when they think they are out of the shot of the camera:

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This one was created by a logical thinker!  Using google earth, the layout of the surrounding area is easy to see.  Across the street is an Stand Up MRI, a Dunkin Donuts, and then Pulse club…  why are they hauling all of the “victims” TO the club?

Also, take a look at the follow up by my counter part, Victurus Libertas on Youtube:

By the way, I had to download these, rather than just embed them because they kept getting deleted by youtube and off of facebook…

Look, I am a very caring and compassionate person.  I realize people do sometimes die and/or get injured in false flag events and my heart goes out to ANY living thing that is injured in any way, but my subject matter at this point is what your government is doing to you, to the victims of these false flags and to the families.  These are not hate crimes, these are organized crimes against all of us by your government.  They do not discriminate.  This time is was gays and lesbians and pointed to a Muslim, but yesterday maybe it could have been Christians and pointed to a black man and tomorrow it may be a black community and point to a Mexican.  None of that is relevant.  Believe me, as long as people label themselves and put themselves into a box and allow themselves to hate other people who have labeled themselves something else and put themselves into a different box, the elite are winning.  They have all of you to create your own chaos and do all of their killing for them.

Please, open your eyes, your mind and your heart.  If you want to place blame, blame the people who are creating these false flags.  We are all in this together and the only way out is with love, truth and knowledge.



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