Abel Danger Anonymous Post – Both Trump and Jo Cox’s Hitmen Were Patients At Same UK Military Medical Hospital

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Trying to keep up with these crazy events going on in the world, we start with mass shooting in Orlando that was filled with Actors and Actresses being interviews as as victims which included the shooter himself. Additionally, police officers were told to stand down when they entered the club and wait for Swat Teams to arrive. There’s also reports that the shooter was at the nightclub 3 hours prior to the shooting, he left and then came back… Last but certainly not least, the streets around Pulse Nightclub  were blocked off hours before the shooting even occurred.

But enough of that, we now have a new development.

It appears that the young man that attempted to take Donald Trump’s life and the fellow that shot and killed MP Jo Cox had something in common, they were both patients at the same mental hospital – The Lincolnshire Partnership Hospital located in the UK…

I first started learning about this story yesterday from the AbelDanger.Net site. As I was browsing the story I came across a  comment by an Anonymous Poster – It reads:

  1. AnonymousJune 21, 2016 at 4:24 PM

Serious questions relating to last week’s assassination of British Member of Parliament Jo Cox and the attempted assassination of Donald Trump as both the hit men involved in these plots have been traced to the same British Military mental hospital. CIA operative Sanchez traveled to Lincolnshire, England, accompanied by Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) operatives, where he entered a hospital facility known as the Lincolnshire Partnership. The Lincolnshire Partnership hospital, this report states, has long been known to the SVR as it is the British militaries and intelligence services main facility for treating severely mentally impaired soldiers and spies, and operates under the supervision of the Defense Medical Services (DMS).

And in a patient record count during the time of CIA operative Sanchez’s April 2015 visit there, both Thomas Mair and Michael Sandford were listed as “high security” patients—but, and most strangely, Sandford was released into the custody of CIA operative Sanchez and was flown back to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and put under the medical supervision of the 87th Medical Group. Their names were “electronically associated” with CIA operative Sanchez—and whose SVR computer file noted an alert on 16 June when Thomas Mair assassinated MP Jo Cox. Michael Sandford, appears to have been more highly trained than Thomas Mair as his unlimited source of funds to remain undetected in the US for so long, plus his availability to vehicles, airline travel, and expensive, and extended, hotel stays, show all of the tradecraft CIA master spy Sanchez has taught other operatives under his control.

Below is a link to a scanned CIA document on creating mind controlled assassins


For more on the story, go here http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2060.htm

We will continue to dig into to these stories and report back our findings. As we have said many times since the beginning of the year, we expect  things are just starting to heat up with these chaotic global events. I would expect more of the same, including riots, market manipulation, and manipulated weather events. In other words, it’s all out on the table. The Globalist are Not holding back any longer.

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