Hillary, Defender of Child Rapists, is No Woman’s Advocate!

When the Free Beacon published tapes in which Hillary Clinton laughed about getting a child rapist off with 2 months of “time served”, ordinary people got a glimpse into the twisted mind of a woman who continually claim to be a role model for women and young girls….  trust me-  SHE IS NOT!

Hillary accused the 12-year-old girl victim, who had been savagely beaten and raped, of being a mentally ill slut, fantasizing and even seeking out older men to rape her. These tapes are shocking. They reveal a complete lack of empathy and Hillary’s willingness to do absolutely anything to win.

Now Josh Rogin, of The Daily Beast has talked to the Arkansas woman who was brutally raped- first by her attacker, then again by Hillary Clinton’s twisted manipulation of the legal system on behalf of her attacker.

In her interview with The Daily Beast, she recounted the details of her attack in 1975, at age 12, and the consequences it had for both her childhood and adult life. A virgin before the assault, she spent five days afterwards in a coma, months recovering from the beating that accompanied the rape, and over 10 years in therapy. The doctors told her she would probably never be able to have children.

Now 52, she has never married or had children.

After hearing the newly revealed tapes of Clinton boasting about the case, the victim said she couldn’t hold her tongue any longer- she wanted to tell her side of the story to the public.

“I think she wants to be a role model being who she is, to look good, but I don’t think she’s a role model at all… If she had been, she would have helped me at the time, being a 12-year-old girl who was raped by two guys,” she said.

In a long, emotional interview with The Daily Beast, she accused Clinton of intentionally lying about her in court documents, going to extraordinary lengths to discredit evidence of the rape, and later callously acknowledging and laughing about her attackers’ guilt on the recordings.

“Hillary Clinton took me through Hell,” the victim said.  “You are supposed to be for women? You call that [being] for women, what you done to me? And I hear you on tape laughing.”

“How many other lies has she told to get where she’s at today? If she becomes president, is she gonna be telling the world the truth?  No.”

The victim is concerned that speaking out will make her a target for attacks, but she no longer feels she is able to stay silent.

“I’m a little scared of her… When this all comes about, I’m a little worried she might try to hurt me, I hope not,” she said. “They can lie all they want, say all they want, I know what’s true.”

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I certainly can’t blame her for being scared-  KILLary leaves many dead bodies in her wake…  see what Hillary’s ex-hitman has to say HERE

Clinton wrote in the Affidavit the 12 year old virgin, who was the rape victim of two 41 year old men was

emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men


I know who the emotionally unstable one is here, Hillary….

Hear the full original tape below:



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