U.S. Army Overthrows Obama and Storms Federal Reserve!

That is the headline of several alternative medias…

Multiple sources are reporting the U. S. Army has overthrown President Obama and have now seized control of the Federal Reserve. The global currency reset is moving forward by printing US Treasury Notes and doing away with the Federal Reserve Notes.  Furthermore, the Cabal has surrendered and their files have been seized. Multiple agents have been arrested and are being interrogated, but many more have agreed to talk and  work against the evil plots which had been planned for humanity.

Disturbing information contained in these files including depopulating the planet by any means necessary. One of the most disturbing aspects of these plans, was the overall theme of using various techniques to ‘trick’ people (especially religious people) into believing these are the ‘end times’ as described by various religious texts.

According to fusionlacedillusions.com,  files are now being reviewed and analyzed , along with this elaborate deception that has been occurring for years.  Apparently, there had plans in place to fake an ‘Apocalyptic Event’ lasting for ten days next month. From June 6 to June 16, a wide variety of events were planned to trick the masses into believing it was witnessing prophesied events.  There were many other deadly plans in store for humanity, but most of those plans have been stopped in their tracks by the alliance.

Hear interview by Josh Tolley below – HEED MY WARNING.  This is quite an unorthodox interview with a lot of unexpected and shocking information.  I will give the same warning as some of the television networks I see now, “The opinions expressed below do not necessarily reflect the views of Victurus Libertas“:

Neil Keenan and Group K have been working for the last 72 hours on formatting the release of some incredibly important information relating to these recent developments. In the coming days an edited video is promised be released via beforeitsnew.com, In the interim, there are some raw unedited videos regarding this breaking news. Watch videos HERE

I have listened to the videos of Neil Keenan’s breaking news and thought that I should put some notes together since this is some amazing, historical, and incredible information ……… if true! This does correlate with information coming from various sources that I have been following for a while, including Benjamin Fulford, Yosef, Dinar Chronicles, Operation Disclosure, David Wilcock- along with Corey Goode, Fisher from the Real Truth Call, ZAP, and other intel/rumor providers.

Please keep in mind that this information furnished by Neil Keenan was published openly on May 5, 2016.   I was not familiar with the name Neil Kennan, so I looked him up.  The information I found was quite impressive.  If you would like more information on Neil, please click HERE.


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