“Not For Hire”

I have been awake for quite a long time to the fact that courts are Maritime courts and use every law except the one true law, and that is Common Law.

I have known for some time that we cannot be forced as human beings under Common Law to beg the state for permission to drive in the form of drivers license, registration, insuring and titling.  What I did not have was a clear way to go about expressing to the courts and cops that I know…  without then “getting dead”, or at least badly injured and then harassed for the rest of my life.

Now, it looks as if there is a way.  I had not heard of this before, but according to an article I read recently on FreedomFromGovernment.org, if you immediately notify any officer who pulls you over that you are “Not For Hire”, they must let you go.

This article was told in first person and knows personally someone who uses this defense and has never lost in court with this defense.

According to the article, the friend had gone to court to argue that he had no cargo nor passengers, when he was approached by an officer outside the court building afterwards.  The officer “told my friend in secret that if you are traveling and get pulled over the police are suppose to let you go as soon as you announce that you are not for hire.  The officer said that every state legislature has early bills that clearly state the “for hire” requirement to invoke the motor vehicle code.  He then added that the statutes, which are not law, just reference to law, has conveniently removed /dropped the “offered to the public for hire” language.”

FreedomFromGovernment.org goes on to say, “My friend has won every ticket of no plate, no registration, no insurance, no operator license for the last several years.”

I have not tried this personally, but I’m sure I will.  I will update after that happens.

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