Is the US Following in the Footsteps of Venezuela?

When socialist countries collapse- and they always do- it is always interesting to watch what they do near the end.  All one has to do is open his eyes, and he can see the danger signs.

Jeff Berwick, of the Dollar Vigilante, recently traveled to Cracas, Venezuela, to get an accurate account of the shape the country is currently in.

Jeff reports Venezuela is now in terrible hyperinflation.  They have actually begun flying in plane loads of the Venezuelan currency- Bolivars!  “Money” was actually being flown in by cargo planes to cure hyperinflation.

When it became too expensive to print the Venezuelan bolivar, they began rolling electricity blackouts to save money and food rationing.  Since that didn’t help, the government then announced a rise in the minimum wage by 30% this weekend… I’m not sure how they think this would help.  But now, the latest move the Venezuelan government said it is going to change time itself!  I know this sounds insane and I’m confused as to how it saves money, but at 2:30 am on Sunday, the Venezuelan government decreed that time had moved forward by 30 minutes, to 3 am, in an effort to save money.

Here’s something Americans should take note of, Jeff Berwick warns.  Everything that Venezuela has been doing over the last 8 years is very similar to what has been happening in the U.S.

Socialism, massive government deficits, central bank money printing, never-ending rules and regulations and gun control.  That’s what has caused the current situation in Venezuela.  And that is what is happening in the U.S. now… in fact, all throughout the West.

Watch an interview Berwick did while he was in Venezuela.  There are so many parallels America has to what the Venezuelan says has led up to the point the country is in now.  Will America be at the same point in 2016 or 2017?

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