Gold is Predicted to go to $10,000 per oz!

Now, more than ever, precious metals have a number of primary causes for extreme bullishness in the stock market. We are likely on the eve of a critical shortage of silver, some experts predict, however the price does not YET reflect that. This shortage has been camouflaged by an artificially low price brought about by leasing, and by the big Eastern market makers’ chokehold on silver in the futures market, as well as big banks such as Deutsche Bank manipulating the prices, as they admitted to doing last week.

This is why silver expert, Ted Butler, says that silver offers one of the greatest opportunity for gain that most people will ever have. Usually a shortage is made visible by the price. Not this time. Today’s silver price signals nothing. We will run out of the world’s most crucial metal without any warning (except from Ted Butler) and the price will have to explode. The silver shorts and the silver users will be blindsided.

One thing that makes a big difference in the demand for silver for the up and coming trend of solar panels.  Solar panels are increasing all over the world, as people begin to realize what danger our earth is in and that we must use renewable energies.

There is also a huge increase in demand from India and Asia for consumer products that use silver (electronics, appliances, autos, etc.) This skyrocketing demand means that the deficit between silver produced and silver used will remain a problem into the future and aggravate the coming price rise. Furthermore, the booming growth in world populations means that, by definition, this metal, so critical to modern civilization, will be utilized all the more.

Silver is currently the strongest it has been in 15 months and continues to climb!

The 36 months that followed the Crash of 2008, saw precious metals go to new highs with silver topping out at $50 per ounce and gold rose as high as $1,227.50 in 2009.  And this crash will be much worse, causing precious metal prices to dwarf the prices seen in 2008.

It is strongly suggested by precious metal experts everywhere, whether you acquire the physical metals directly (which I do recommend) or diversify your investment portfolio, now is the time to capitalize on the future trend.  According to, Jim Rickards is calling for gold to explode off the charts as high as $10,000 per ounce!  As crazy as that sounds, I wouldn’t doubt it.

We are in the middle of our next crisis and as the undeniable economic collapse plays out worldwide in the coming months, trillions of dollars in wealth will be vaporized. But, as is always the case throughout history, those who have the forethought and willingness to first acknowledge the realities and then actually prepare for them, will come out on top.

Here is one way to prepare for our global monetary breakdown:  BitGold.  BitGold offers the opportunity to have physical gold or silver bullion in a vault of your choice, but you have a debit card and can use it immediately, should you need to.

Please see more about the benefits of having a gold-backed debit card, with physical gold bullion in a vault with your name on it for when SHTF.  Click below for details and to get your own gold-backed debit card.


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