Why Silver Will Continue to Skyrocket

Some Reasons for Silver to Skyrocket

Here are some current reasons Silver is doing so well:

  • News of a manipulative silver-fixing scheme headed by large multinational banks was revealed mid-April of this year. Consequently,  many are wondering what the long-term ramifications of the story will be.  Read more About Deutsche Bank.  
  • To further this story, it should be known that a class action lawsuit seeking $1 billion in damages has just been filed on behalf of Canadian investors against the banks. I would encourage anyone living in Canada to learn more about becoming a plaintiff if you have suffered any material losses since 2000 in the precious metals market.  Find out more information HERE.
  • Another current reason behind the current hike in silver is believed to be because of the Bank of Japan’s decision today to maintain negative interest rates. The central bank of the world’s third-largest economy also signaled that further easing is not out of the question.  Read more about when Feds and BoJ Met.


Here are some on-going reasons Silver is expected to do even better:

Silver has a unique set of features that make it a different investment than gold:

  • Its elemental properties give it greater industrial applications
  • Its use as coined money throughout history far exceeds gold’s
  • Unlike gold, most industrial silver is consumed or destroyed after use. That’s because it’s just not economic to recover a tiny flake of silver from millions of cellphones, casino chips, and batteries. So the quantity of supply that returns to the market via recycling is limited.
  • New applications for silver are discovered almost daily!  For instance, the solar industry has grown dramatically worldwide—and it uses a lot of silver. According to BSW-Solar Association, photovoltaic capacity will quadruple by 2020.

And the Silver Institute projects that industrial demand for silver will outpace global GDP growth. The need for silver is BIG!  Find out more about Silver at Silverpedia.com

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