Is Something Deadly Being Planned for New Jersey?

A tsunami buoy off the New Jersey coast went into “event mode” Saturday night, raising concerns after it recorded several very steep wave readings.

Texas Tower No. 4 Station 44066 is the name of the tsunami buoy located about 75 nautical miles east of Long Branch, New Jersey;   The buoy recorded sudden changes in water depth of fifty-five METERS  (180 feet) in a matter of seconds.

The water depth, at the time, was at its “typical” level of 2612 Meters, but at 22:38 UTC, the depth plunged to only 2585 Meters within 15 seconds.  That’s a drop of twenty-seven meters (88 feet) in 15 seconds.  It then shot from 2585 Meters all the way up to 2640 Meters in 15 seconds . . . a change of fifty-five meters (180 feet).  That’s a staggering change in water depth in such a short period of time.

According to the US Geological Survey, there was not an earthquake in the area which might account for such a sudden, dramatic change in ocean depth, nor was there a US submarine in the area at that time, according to the US Navy.

Some people suggest the sudden massive drop in water level could be a large bubble of released methane or some other gas coming up from beneath or very near the buoy, but it seems unlikely.

This was reported on the same day satellites from the NASA Space Weather Prediction Center detected a complete collapse of earth’s magnetosphere. The magnetosphere, which is what protects us from solar winds and radiation, supposedly vanished around the entire planet for TWO HOURS.  Read more about that HERE.

The two strange events come 2 days after a huge anomaly covered New York and the upper East Coast, registered by MIMIC on April 21, 2016. See more about this article HERE.

See video below:

As of April 25, 2016, at 1:35 PM EDT, the National Data Buoy Center issued a statement regarding this buoy and the report.  According to them, the Buoy involved “triggered Event Mode while it was undergoing routine maintenance.”

According to, they DID contact the NDBC about this issue BEFORE reporting the story, and NDBC did not respond to them until 10:30 am on April 25, 2016.

Now, it gets interesting, as this “event” was recorded at approximately 22:38 GMT.   GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time also known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Here in Texas, we are four hours BEHIND UTC, which means the Buoy went into event mode at 5:38 PM CST . . . on a Saturday.  Things that make you go hmmm…  But, wait!  It gets even better!

An abnormal wave pattern was detected via microwave imagery taken over the New York area on April 21, 2016, that appears to show Geoengineering (weather manipulation) in action.

On the map below, the unusual wave pattern affected the weather in the area, pushing air outwards causing a vortex.


The source of this pattern appears to be from a focused directional high powered microwave transmitter, such as HAARP – used to manipulate the weather.

The military-funded HAARP program was thought not only to be able to change the atmosphere and severely modify weather but also cause geological events like earthquakes using its super high powered transmitters. These strange wave phenomena have been becoming more frequent and precede things like the strange series of huge earthquakes that have struck allover the world recently. Could these earthquakes and droughts and other strange wave patterns be a result of  HAARP doing research and experiments using the planet, and more recently New Jersey specifically, as a lab rat?

While the signs of artificial weather modification become more and more obvious our media largely ignores it, and the consensus is to ridicule anyone who points it out as a conspiracy theorist or nut.

Geoengineering and weather modification is now and has been of extreme interest to military establishments for quite a while now and their funding of research programs is proof of that. What they plan to do with such technology is obvious. The military is not interested in saving the planet from global warming or creating favorable weather for farmers, instead the applications would obviously be in the form of a weapon. Creating hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes and harnessing the destructive forces of our planet is their goal…  Is their new aim the New York coastline?

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