Dr. Ron Paul, “System is all rigged and voting is just pacification”

In a recent interview, Dr. Ron Paul told all of America something many of us already know:  “I’ve worked on the assumption … for many, many decades, that whether there’s a Republican or a Democrat president, the people who want to keep the status quo (elites) seems to have their finger in the pot and can control things,” he said in the interview.

He went on to say that the 2016 election is “a lot more entertainment than anything else” because none of the candidates “have answers” to modern political problems.

“I see elections as so much of a charade,” the former Texas congressman said during an April 11, 2016, appearance on RT America’s The Fishtank“So much deceit goes on.”

If you would like to see the interview by The Fishtank with Dr. Ron Paul, please go HERE

Dr. Paul has had his own experiences with the corrupt American presidential charade. He has run for president three times:  as a Libertarian in 1988, and in 2008 and 2012 as a Republican.

He came closest to the nomination in 2012, when the GOP amended its party regulations to prevent the former Texas representative from moving ahead of the establishment’s Mitt Romney.

Rule 40(b) of “The Rules of the Republican Party” was changed so the Republican National Committee could “limit the visibility and power” of libertarian-minded Texas Rep. Ron Paul at the convention and thus “present a unified front behind Mitt Romney, the presumptive nominee,” according to David Byler, an elections analyst at RealClearPolitics. The rule requires that, in order to win the nomination, a candidate must have the support of a majority of delegates from eight states.

Dr. Paul discussed the “outsider” candidates, such as Trump and Sanders, and said the elites “get so nervous, though, if they have an independent thinker out there”.  Dr. Paul takes this as a sign that more and more Americans are waking to the fact that our voting system is “all rigged and voting is just pacification for the voters and it really doesn’t count.”

Dr. Ron Paul recalled his own 2012 encounter with Rule 40(b) as an important political lesson for both himself and the American people.

“I was upset about it but didn’t want to waste too much energy being angry because this is the way the system works,”he said. “It’s a rotten system.”  Here is how the people took the corruption in Dr. Ron Paul’s 2012 election:


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