Are Central Banks Hoarding Gold?

We, at Victurus Libertas have been watching gold for some time now.  We already knew gold was a good investment-  I mean, how could you really go wrong with precious metals?  However, if you have seen the markets for the last few years, you have seen gold and silver rates remain steady at a  very low rate comparatively speaking.  This has been happening for a reason.  And that reason is…  so that the central banks can buy up as much gold as possible at the best possible price.  The banks are right in the middle of financial scandal.  They have been planning it for some time now…  and the time IS NOW.

If you follow Jeff Berwick at all-  GOOD FOR YOU!  We love Jeff and we believe in him and trust what he says.  If you don’t follow Jeff, I strongly suggest you do yourself a huge favor and get to know him:

Jeff has been urging people to wake up and start preparing for this financial apocalypse since 2010.  Because of him, we feel we are in a much better stance to survive this dollar downfall that is upon us.  And if you do not think the US dollar is about to collapse, might I suggest you read on.

The latest news from the global economic markets indicates that central banks in Europe have started to hoard gold as the fears of upcoming economic hardship grips the Eurozone. Germany is leading the move with its recent decision to stop selling the precious metal. Germany holds more than 3,380 tons of gold in its reserves.

The World Gold Council reports that Germany has not sold an ounce of gold since June 2015. In the years past, Germany typically sells about 5 tons of gold every year to mint commemorative coins globally.

It is interesting to note that European Central banks stopped selling gold when the global financial crisis of 2008 broke out. It seems to make sense that they know something since European central banks have stopped selling gold in the last 9 months. Could this be indicative of a financial crisis on the horizon?

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