Please Join us to #BlessTheWater, Saturday, March 19th

Please Join us to #BlessTheWater, Saturday, March 19th.
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In 2015, World Water Day events worldwide reached over 35 million people in a campaign devoted to bringing love to the waters of our planet. This year on the 
March Equinox- Saturday, March 19th, UPLIFT and Unify have created ‘Bless the Water’, a campaign inviting all of humanity to honor the sacred nature of water by blessing it in a Global Synchronized Meditation.

To many cultures (both ancient and present), water is revered as our planet’s most vital, life-giving element. Not simply as a natural resource to be taken from, but as a sacred living energy to respect, honor and learn from. Throughout the ages, the practice of gathering to bless and be blessed by water has been an integral part of our lives. Currently, water is also one of our greatest causes for planetary concern, with over 800 million people around the world lacking access to clean water.

On the March Equinox – Saturday, March 19th at 5 pm Pacific/ 12 am GMT – people of all walks and nations are invited to join in a Global Water Blessing and the premiere of the new film,
 “Water is Sacred” (featuring the voices, visions and sacred actions of water stewards from many nations) as a catalyst to inspire and share positive actions globally in support of the vitality of our water.

What do I do?

Go to your local water source, sacred site, favorite spot in nature – or join us at home as we join together around the world and Bless the Water. We each have our own unique way to connect with the element of water, and each of these can become pure expressions of blessing and gratitude. Take time in sacred solitude or join with your family and community. Unify offers for you to register your own event on their interactive map at  You can also see the hundreds of other Water Blessing events happening around the world.

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