What Is Anarchy? Not What You Think

Anarchy – Not What You Think

I must admit that if a year ago someone would have brought up Anarchy in a conversation, it would have rendered thoughts of chaos, violence and rebellious leather clad bikers to mind. Most of my beliefs on the subject were indoctrinated in me through television and other mainstream media outlets.  The fact is that Anarchy is quite the opposite of those things and most self-proclaimed anarchist are peaceful individuals who desire to exercise their right to live their lives freely and unhindered.

What Is Anarchy

Anarchy is a way of living, an ideology which has its foundation rooted in the belief that ALL are created equal and each individual was born with the unalienable rights to life and liberty. Anarchist believe that one cannot fully exercise these rights if one is governed.    Govern simply means to “Rule With Authority”. It isn’t difficult to realize that if one is being  “ruled with authority” it is impossible to exercise your unalienable rights.

From the standpoint of ideologies, Anarchism seems to align closely to Libertarianism in regards to the belief in unhindered personal freedom. My personal belief is that one should be free to do as one wishes as long as it does not infringe on another’s liberties.

I didn’t realize it until quite recently that I am an Anarchist at heart and that I align to its ideology very closely. Prior to being an Anarchist, I considered myself a Libertarian. The one place where I might differ from a lot of Anarchist is that I believe in God. I have read that many who believe in Anarchy are atheist.

The Problem With Government

Simply stated, the bigger a government is, the less freedoms its people will have. Regardless of what type of government in question whether it be a democracy, constitutional republic, socialist, monarchy or communist. all are run by men and all men are infallible. My personal mantra is – If I’m going to be governed by infallibility, I’d rather govern myself . Besides, who has my best interests at heart more than I do? 

As far as governments are concerned, in my opinion, the United States was founded on perhaps the most sound governing principles the world has ever seen; a constitutional republic. Many erroneously believe that our forefathers created a democratic form of government but that assertion is incorrect. The difference between the two is that in a Constitutional Republic, one person has the same rights as 99. In a democracy, the majority rules. In other words, 51 dictates how the other 49 lives. AKA- Mob Rule. Unfortunately, the Act of 1871 in large part took us away from a Constitutional Republic into a Democracy.    

Is There Place Government?

I think it’s unrealistic to think government can be simply eliminated by Fiat. Our entire society depends on it and that of course, is by design.  Speaking from the perspective of the United States, I would like to see a radical reduction of federal agencies and reallocate those responsibilities to the state and county levels. State sovereignty needs to be reinstated. The federal government should have a supporting role not one of authority over “The Many”. 

In essence, if it can be funded and controlled by the state and county, it should be. Federal agencies should oversee only those functional services which intersect state boundaries such as highways and railways. All other functions should go to the private sector such as healthcare.  

In Summary

Anarchy, in my mind, is the optimal way of life which I believe was intended for us from the beginning however. We are so entrenched in government controlling every aspect of our lives, it would take many years for true Anarchy to come to exist. Much planning would need to take place because in my opinion, even in an Anarchist society, there needs to be some sort of rule and guidance which would necessitate  leadership to implement. 

I’d like to make this a living, breathing discussion and exchange ideas on how best to implement global freedom and eliminate tyranny.

“Thought leads to discussions and discussions lead to solutions”. 

Jim Blake

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