Were The Moon Landings A Hoax ? – Waving Flag on the Moon Video

With the advent of the internet, almost 25 years ago, the availability of voluminous information is at our fingertips within nanoseconds. This has led to a great awakening in which the secrets of the world that have been concealed throughout history are now being revealed. Consequently, a panic is occurring in the inner circles of the elite knowing that if even a minute fraction of the truth were to be exposed to the masses, there would be a global uprising like no other in the history of the world.

For this reason, there is an urgent effort by the powers to be, to monitor and censor internet activities. This is being suggested by the United Nations in the guise of protecting females from online abuse (we will touch more on that subject in a future post). Indeed, the UN, under their “Sustainable Development Agenda” proposal, states that “the political and governmental bodies need to use their licensing prerogative” to better protect human and women’s rights, only granting licenses to “those Telecoms and search engines” that “supervise content and its dissemination.” In other words, government control of all your cell phone and internet activities. We will be getting into much more about The United Nation’s Agenda 2030 in future posts.

Back to my original thought. It has been very difficult for the power-hungry elite to suppress the truth about our history any longer. It became evident to me after extensive research that much of what we have been taught in school and told by our government simply is not true. In some instances what they have told us is completely opposite from reality. One of those historical events happens to be the Moon Landings. Many question whether we have ever been on the moon and point to some compelling evidence that would indicate, we have not. That opens up a lot of questions as to why our government and others would orchestrate such an elaborate hoax. Again, we will have to go into that further in future posts as the answer to these questions are quite extensive. If I had to sum it up in one phrase it would be. “To Control The World” 

In the video below, I present strong evidence that the event you are about to see did not take place on the moon. This is the Apollo 15 moon landing in which the American Flag is placed on the surface of the moon. You will see the flag waving from time to time as the astronaut places it into the ground  and shortly afterwards which would be normal due to the jostling around. After a short time, the flag settles and stops waving. At approximately 2:38, the flag starts to wave again for no apparent reason which should be impossible considering the absence of an atmosphere on the moon. Why then, did the flag start waving again? You be the judge.

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