UPLIFT- We Are One!

Join me in making a commitment to restore our Mother Earth.   Our society has taken advantage of, trashed, abused and destroyed our beautiful Mother Earth.  She is sick now.  We must all work together to heal her.  A great website called Uplift- We Are One has started a declaration and is asking people to take an oath to do your part in restoring our planet.

Here is a video showing what led up to the making of UPLIFT and the declaration.  Watch below:


Currently, there is a biocultural crisis on Earth.  Half of the world’s cultures have disappeared or are in danger of extinction. Likewise, ecosystems are growing more fragile each day. In spite of existing local and international laws, and significant advances in science and technology Mother Earth and all her beings today confront an ecological crisis that places life itself in jeopardy. We ardently invite global society and governments to embrace and activate a Unification Process which bring forth the natural wisdom of the Original Mandate and transform harmful ways of living to “Living Well”. For example, to alleviate Mother Earth’s fever, transitioning towards clean energies is imperative.

Keeping our planet liveable should be a common goal that everyone can agree on.  It would benefit every single person here!

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