Trump, Carson and Fiorina Lead GOP Polls – Message to the Establishment – Buh Bye !

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Should it surprise anyone that the top three GOP poll leaders Trump, Carson and Fiorina are NOT politicians and have no political experience whatsoever? If it does, you aren’t one of us. We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any longer.  Italian crafted suits and smooth talking political cliches are not going cut it any longer.

We The People are tired of empty promises and  hearing what we want to hear only for you to do the complete opposite after getting elected. Sellouts.. Ninety nine percent of you are sellouts to special interests groups caving into the seduction of an allotment reserved for the elite. The promise of entitlement and the enjoyment of a glutenous lifestyle has clouded your senses  causing you to betray the very ones that put you in your position of exaltation.

What has happened to the political establishment is a travesty. You were chosen to protect us and to honor the will of the people. You have become a ONE party system of collusion, outwardly showing contempt for one another and patting each other on the back when the cameras are off. Watching CSPAN the other day made me want to regurgitate as I witnessed your grand display of an epic battle between blue and red on a vote to defund planned parenthood. What a farce it was as you meandered in the corners of the room, democrats and republicans alike each congregating with nauseating grins on your faces laughing at the sheep you call constituents -knowing the outcome of the vote had been decided long ago.”Yes”, you whisper. “If they only knew” …

Well, WE DO KNOW and the party is over… and THAT my friends is why a politician is not polling in the top 3.  As far as you so-called political experts on CNN, FoxNews, ABC, NBC and the rest of the Hollywood fraudulent blue screen networks, GET A CLUE !!! We don’t need a politician to run the country. Washington DC  has been a corporation since 1871. Why would we want a politician running a Corporation? Amerika Inc is 19 trillion dollars in debt. Any other CEO would have been fired long ago if they had failed as miserably as our leadership has.

Let me close with this thought. Any one of the top 3 GOPers running for president would stand to do better than the two previous administrations. What do Trump, Carson and Fiorina all have in common? They are exceedingly intelligent and they have been successful in their careers but most importantly, they are NOT politicians hence, not part of the Rhino establishment of Good Ole Boys and Girls and that’s a GOOD thing.

To be honest, there is an even a larger, more significant thing that these three candidates have in common. Their LOVE for the United States of America and it’s Constitution. Not the Corporation, The Republic.  I believe that all three would work towards a smaller government and the protection of  our personal liberties which are established at birth and protected by our Constitution.

Final thought – Running a country takes a talented leader and talented people to support that leader. We do not live in a dictatorship (yet) in which the leader has to have all the answers or claims to. Such a person does not exist.  I think we all need to remind ourselves of that from time to time. No one has all the answers but if you put someone in charge that’s good at putting together the right supporting cast, you are well on your way to having Most of the answers. In my opinion, Mr Trump, Mr Carson and Ms Fiorina are all talented enough to put together a winning administration which would move this country back in the right direction. FREEDOM !!!


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