Serious Silver Shortage

According to the DollarVigilante, physical silver is becoming scarce worldwide for purchase.  I have been following Jeff Berwick, of the Dollar Vigilante, for a while now, and I find that he is very accurate on his financial predictions.  He has spent much of his life traveling abroad, to over 100 countries, collecting information to help him understand global finances.  I trust his advice.  Here’s his advice as of September 9, 2015:

“At some point in the next few years it will become hard or impossible to buy silver or gold in exchange for fiat currencies.

We aren’t at the “impossible” stage yet but there are signs around the world that silver is becoming difficult to buy and if you can find some the premiums over the spot paper price are extraordinary and rising.

I have never felt more of a sense of urgency about this message than I do today.

 We are entering a truly critical phase. The dollar’s debt level is unsustainable, and there is no political will to rectify what is wrong, even if it could be fixed. The country’s leadership is feckless and seems purposefully destructive.

The world generally is rejecting the US dollar as the ultimate standard – as the global reserve currency – a state of affairs that has existed since the end of World War II. China just dumped US$100 billion in fixed-income securities. So much for those who said China would be afraid to sell for fear of collapsing the market.

Back in July, I made a dramatic prediction involving Shemitah and the Shemitah end-day. I pointed out that dramatic disasters followed the end of the seven-year cycle and predicted this year’s end-date in mid-September would be no different.

We were ahead of our time! You can see my video here:

Jeff just released his follow up video on the Shemitah, called Shemitah Exposed II.  Watch it below:

Jeff currently lives in Acapulco, Mexico.  He has been trying to get physical silver and he says he has not been able to do so, in spite of the fact that Mexico is the largest producer of silver in the world!  He has been told he can order some silver, but it is all on back order and it is unknown how long it will take to arrive.

In another blog, I found the same information.  According to TheWarningSigns, silver is becoming a rare earth metal and it is extremely undervalued. Silver is set to become extinct by year 2020 according to geologists as it is estimated that only 300 millions ounces are left in the ground. This is because silver is a consumable industrial metal which due to it’s realitivly low price is rarely recycled. In refined form above ground, such as in bars & coins, silver is more rare than gold! Few realize this!  I would encourage you all to plan accordingly.

Too big to fail banks like JP Morgan and HSBC have been artificially manipulating the price of silver and gold, scamming the taxpayers, and will ultimately lead to the biggest financial disaster in the history of human financial civilization. Over the course of the past year these banks have been working overtime to keep the price of silver suppressed but it appears that the end is drawing near for their scheme as prices continue to rise despite their best efforts to control the market.


Money and Markets has about the same to say regarding the US economic collapse.

According to a top analyst with a remarkably accurate track record for calling major economic shifts, the worst financial crisis in U.S. history will hit in October of this year.

The same analyst called the gold rally in 1999 (before the metal soared 533%) and the top of the gold market in September of 2011.  He also called the stock market crash in 1987 as well as the real estate crash in 2007.

His secret to spotting major reversals ahead of the crowd is a proven system that was developed by a little-known presidential advisor after the Great Depression. It has since predicted every major market move for the last 50 years with incredible accuracy.

And today it’s foreshadowing one of the worst financial crises we’ve ever seen. The Dow’s recent 2,000 point plunge was just a taste of what lies ahead.

No fewer than three of the most powerful economic waves in existence are now converging in a way that hasn’t been seen in 100 years.  And they are warning of a great unraveling that will begin late this coming fall.

Cycle #1 shows that businesses will hoard cash … create fewer jobs … and stop reinvesting in business growth. And by doing so, will help drag the economy to a near-standstill.

Cycle #2 indicates that consumers, shaken by weak job growth and plunging household income will pull back too, leading to slower business formation and slower inventory turnover.

Cycle #3—which predicted both the Great Depression and the 2008 Great Recession—shows a coming period of massive economic pain including an ever-weaker economy, chronic unemployment, soaring interest rates, massive defaults on public and private debt and more.

It is recommended that you not have all assets in the US dollar, or you stand a good chance of losing everything.  Since silver is almost certainly going to go up in value (by ten-folds at a time), and it is still affordable right now, it is my suggestion to buy as much as you can.

The article I just read in SRS Rocco Report concurs, as well, saying, “If you are waiting for a signal that a global wholesale silver shortage has begun, it will likely be too late to acquire physical metal.  Why?  Because it has never happened before.  So, when the world bond and stock markets finally collapse under a mountain of paper, leverage and debt, we will witness one hell of a GLOBAL RUN ON SILVER.

When this occurs, individuals running to their local coin shop or calling a precious metal dealer on the phone requesting to “get some silver”, will find out there are hundreds of people waiting in line before them.

Investors need to realize, this will be nothing like the 1979-1980 time-period when Americans stood in line to purchase silver as the price surged to $50.  We must remember, this huge silver buying frenzy was mainly focused in the U.S. and a few western countries.  Furthermore, most Americans had very little debt in 1980, and the total U.S. Retirement Market was only worth $1 trillion compared to $25 trillion today.

Orthodox or mainstream media will not prepare you for what is coming.  To see this report in its entirety, which I highly recommend, click HERE.

In yet another article from Silver Doctors, it is further confirmed that silver is indeed, in a shortage.  US Mint Authorized Purchasers advised SD Bullion Thursday that Silver Eagle allocations have been substantially declining every week since sales resumed.

2 weeks ago the US Mint made 1.4 million Silver Eagle coins available to Authorized Purchasers, last week only 1 million were made available, and SDBullion was advised that this week the number declined an additional 20%.   Further, US Mint officials reportedly are advising Authorized Purchasers that they will begin making the switch to 2016 Silver Eagle production in September, drastically reducing output of 2015 coins.

The Exclusive Distributor for the leading private of mint 100 oz Silver bars in the US advised SD Bullion on Thursday that the mint was scheduled (and promised) to deliver 10,000  100 oz Silver Bars on Wednesday (1 million oz of a single private mint product), but was only able to deliver a little over 3,000 bars.  In addition, the Royal Canadian Mint reportedly did not release a single 1 oz Silver Maple to any of the Authorized Purchasers.

Not to mention, new orders for the Sunshine Mint 1 oz Rounds are shipping to dealers/distributors on a 9 WEEK DELAY!

The 3rd largest US wholesaler/distributor of precious metals with 21 warehouses usually stocked to the rafters with bullion says they have been CLEANED OUT.

Over the past 48 hours nearly all of the last remaining Live products at US Wholesalers (higher premium retail products from world mints such as the Perth Mint, New Zealand Mint, Banco De Mexico, Royal Mint, Austrian Mint, Armenian Mint, and the Chinese Mint) have virtually all been SOLD OUT at the wholesale level.

Many are not paying attention to the warning signs right now.  I hope this article has helped in some way to alert you to the coming collapse of the US economic system and has guided you to take certain steps to help ease your losses.


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