Rothschild Banking System

Ever heard of the Rothschilds?  How about the Federal Reserve System?  Please watch the video below.  It tells the story in a simplistic manner that both makes sense and is easy to understand.

This is what our country did to us, without our approval!  You are now paying interest on each and every single dollar bill in your possession.  And you have been since 1913.  Imagine:

US GOVT:  “Our country is going bankrupt.  We need to stimulate the economy”

FEDERAL RESERVE:  (Which, by the way, is neither part of our federal government NOR a reserve.  It is the personal bank of a single family)  “Here, let us print you some money.  You can disperse it throughout the country and stimulate the economy!  We’re offering a great deal-  only 2% interest rates!”

US GOVT:  “Wow!  That sounds like a great deal!  We’ll do it!  Print us $1,000,000”

The Federal Reserve prints off $1,000,000, gives it to the US Govt.  The government starts dispersing the money.  It’s the only tender the government allows as legal tender (although it is actually NOT legal tender according to our constitution).  People start working building bridges, roads, businesses, etc.  The money is generated throughout.  The people get paid, money begins circulating…  The economy is booming!  (or so it seems…)

After 25 years, every single dollar that was sent out into the country finally makes its way back to the government.  The US Govt now has all $1,000,000 back.  They take every dollar the Federal Reserve printed for them-  that is all the currency in the country.  They take it back and give it back to the Federal Reserve.

US GOVT:  “Here is the money we borrowed from you.  It was awesome!  Thank you!”

FEDERAL RESERVE:  “Great! ….  so….  where’s the interest?”

US GOVT:  “But, it’s everything you printed for us.  Every dollar.  It’s all there.  That’s all that was printed.”

FEDERAL RESERVE:  “Okay…  but, where’s the interest?”

…  Do you see the problem here?  WHERE IS THE INTEREST?  Where can they possibly get the interest from, if that is all there is-  All that was printed…  Guess what income tax REALLY goes to?  Did YOU agree to print fiat money that we can never pay the interest on?  I didn’t!  Watch the videos.  I hope your eyes are opened a bit by hearing them.





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