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Natural Remedies Book on the way!

This blog will be an inside look to a book I’m writing called Natural Home Remedies, Suggestions by Angela M. Blake.   I plan to publish the book as an ebook, as well as into a hardback.  While it is in progress, I will have this blog up, encouraging people to comment below with any illnesses, ailments or concerns they may have that I could offer a natural suggestion for.  This will also help me in writing my book to make sure I get as many of the common questions answered as possible.

Each week, I will write a new blog on a certain issue and give some suggestions for natural remedies.  I will also offer some natural DIY tips and tricks.

I will start with an issue a friend on Facebook presented to me today:


Cavities are very common in our modern western society.  Dentists would have you believe the only way to deal with cavities is to have your tooth drilled out and filled with some foreign substance- in many cases, they are filled with amalgam (aka mercury), which is actually very toxic to the human body!  Did you know you can heal cavities yourself?  And actually get whiter, healthier teeth by NOT letting a dentist do this to your teeth and by NOT using commercial toothpastes sold in stores that are full of toxins, fluoride and chemicals?  Here are some natural suggestions to remineralize cavities:

Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste

This is my personal recipe to the toothpaste I have used for a few years now, and I love it!  My teeth feel very clean and I have had NO cavities!  (In the book, I give the exact recipe for the toothpaste I make and use).

Oil Pulling

I do this regularly, as well.  This is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that has been used for centuries.  People thought I was kidding when I first started talking about doing it, then they thought I was just crazy-  but, it actually works!  It has so many other benefits besides just clean, white, cavity-free teeth!  It is also a great detox, cures gingivitis, aids in weight loss, increases energy and prevents bad breath.  If you look up the benefits on Wikipedia, you will find a whole host of other benefits.

First thing in the morning, before you eat, drink or brush your teeth, just take a spoonful of raw, unpasteurized organic coconut oil and put it into your mouth.  It will melt very quickly.  Swish the oil between your teeth and all around your mouth.  Try to hold it for 15-20 minutes.  (I do it while I’m in the shower, as it’s just about the right amount of time).  Then spit it into the trash.  DO NOT spit it into the sink, as it will clog the sink eventually and DO NOT swallow it!  It is full of toxins and poisons after you have swished it around.  Rinse and brush teeth afterwards., which had some great ideas on remineralizing teeth suggested adding 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to the coconut oil and rinsing with warm salt water to get even more added benefits.

Egg Shells

Egg shells contain a great deal of calcium, as well as magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sodium, potassium, iron sulfur and aluminum, along with other trace minerals that are very good for our health and teeth!  Who knew, huh?

According to, it is easy to regrow teeth and heal your own cavities by boiling organic, free range egg shells for about 5 minutes to rid them of any pathogens.  Let them air dry, then simply grind them up and add to food or into a smoothie. Take 1 ½ teaspoons per day.  Please note that vitamin D greatly aids calcium absorption, so be sure to get plenty of sunlight or take supplements and make sure you are eating plenty of organ meats, such as liver.

These are just a few of the suggestions I offer in the book, and they really work!  If you use one of the suggestions, please comment below and let me know how it worked for you!  Did you use a variation?  Did you try a different natural remedy that worked for you?  Please let us know!  If I use a suggestion that you comment below, I will credit you in my book (with your permission, of course).

I look forward to hearing from all of you!


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