Let’s Talk Yoga

As with meditation, I am a newbie at Yoga.  It blends well into my life, beliefs and direction I am going, so I’m super excited to learn more about it every day.  Lately, (and I won’t admit it’s because I’m getting older) my back and neck has been very stiff and it seems like my bones creak and crack a lot more than they did in the past.  However, since I’ve started doing yoga, I really can tell a difference.  Since I’m a beginner, I will post beginner information, and as I learn more and get more familiar with all that is involved with yoga, I will include you on my journey.

The Upward Dog has really helped me to stretch my back out.  If anyone else has a stiff back, or just wants a starting place, here is a great video that shows some beginner poses.


For more great information on beginner Yoga poses, go HERE


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