Radar Spikes & Anomalous Propagation – Getting To The Truth


 For the last 6 months, we have been monitoring a U.S. National Reflectivity Composite Loop map hosted by http://tempest.aos.wisc.edu. This is a very revealing  map that shows unfiltered  radar anomalies that you won’t see on your local weather broadcast. See below for some examples. The first image is of Radar Spikes from an unknown source. The […]

New Proposed Bill To End Mega-Bullies Censorship


 Stop Social Media Censorship Act This bill is being proposed across the country to stop big media monopolies from bullying and censoring information and groups of people they don’t like.  For instance, Google… they are a huge monopoly who censors, deletes and suppresses any voice they do not like or want others to know about.  […]