New Proposed Bill To End Mega-Bullies Censorship


 Stop Social Media Censorship Act This bill is being proposed across the country to stop big media monopolies from bullying and censoring information and groups of people they don’t like.  For instance, Google… they are a huge monopoly who censors, deletes and suppresses any voice they do not like or want others to know about.  […]

Is Texas Abolishing CPS?


 I recently found an article by titled Why The Texas GOP is Calling to Abolish State’s Child Welfare Agency.  While I found it of great interest and exciting content, I also found some of the information infuriating and obnoxiously misleading.  I wanted to take a few minutes to dissect this article and throw in my two-cents’ […]

Mystery Radar Blips Appear Over Illinois and Kentucky – Secret Special Forces Exercise?


 The origin of mysterious blips that appeared across radar in southern Illinois and western Kentucky Monday night may have come from military aircraft, but nearby military bases say they had nothing to do with it. The storm-like blips left the National Weather Service in a state of confusion since it wasn’t raining in the region, […]